Friday, January 17, 2003

Michele lays down the rules for discussion. Pay close attention, following these rules faithfully should result in a constructive discussion like the sample below:

This is good, because I say so. That is bad, because I say so. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking moron. Discuss. And follow my rules for responses. I want intelligent, respectful debate.

1: Yea, go M!

2: Yea, go M!

3: um, go M, yea.

Y: Well, I think That is good.

2: You're stupid.

4: You'd probably eat babies, wouldn't you, Y?

1: Yea, go 4!

Z: I have to disagree with you, M. This study confirms the results of this poll, and the administration itself admits that This, which you cited above, is based on incorrect information.

3: Um...

2: Um...

M: Y, you fucknozzle, get your own website. Are you so stupid that you can't understand that anyone who doesn't agree with me is a fucking moron? I even say so in the original message! Shitonastick, open your mind to other points of view.

1: Yeah, go M!

A note for those of you who are tired of reading my comments on Michele and a small victory: I'm tired of writing them, and I'm tired of reading her blog. Since I don't have a blogroll here, there won't be any delinking ceremony. A small victory, that.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Saturday, December 21, 2002

My apologies to all who have been looking forward to additional postings from lil ole me. There's so much to say, but after all has been said, what good comes of it? Not much, besides a big hullabaloo amongst the like-minded and the unlike-minded. And for many, obviously, that's more than enough.

But to the point, I have to thank Michele linking to my little comments twice, here and here. You're a doll, too.

I'm still having a few problems with your reading comprehension. Apparently you didn't pay any attention to the timestamp on my post, or you would have noticed that it did not come before your post about the patching up. But never mind, I don't expect you to pick up on subtleties like that.

And since my problem was with your behavior, not the existence of the tiff, that's all beside the point, anyway. But let's play it your way. All are forbidden to comment on the blowup, because you two patched it up. On the flip side, doesn't that imply your responsibility to get all your blog-buds who trashed your pal (and who you thanked so gracefully for their support) to retract their statements?

To be honest, I don't expect you'll agree with me. The bulk of your charm is to be the smartass at the back of the class, for which consistency and responsibility are anathema. Only you aren't at the back of the classroom anymore. You're an established voice online, with around 10,000 visits to your home page each week. That puts you in the big leagues in this pond, baby. You're a lot closer to Norah Vincent than you realize. Take a minute out of your boozehound, supermom, banging-out-a-few-thousand-words-per-day-on-the-taxpayers'-dime existence and give it a thought.

Love and Kisses

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Aw, poor Michele at A Small Victory. Someone publically delinked her, because he found much of her writing made him "frustrated and angry," and made his "skin crawl." As for Michele the person, he still likes her just fine.

Apparently, this is a cardinal sin in blogdom. Not to mention just like "grade school all over again." Oh, it's pathetic when the clique throws you out. So how does the mature, above it all Michele respond to being removed from a sidebar? Well, she says this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and then this, and this, too.

Michele also loses points for reading comprehension, or gains points for brazen hypocracy, by interpretting "much of what I've been reading makes my skin crawl" as "he stated that I make his skin crawl," and at the same time saying "to turn your back on me just because my politics have changed is demeaning, because you are saying I as a person am defined by my politics". Does the same hold true for her writing, that it's just one of the many parts of her?

Maybe the little self-confessed blood thirsty hawkish mean-spirited, belligerent lunatic should take her own advice:

Number 8: If you don't like me and don't like what I have to say, or what direction I've gone in, or what I believe in, and if your only reason for coming here is to tell me how wrong my personal opinions are and how disappointed you are in my political ideals, do me a favor. See that little "x" in the upper right hand corner of your screen? Click on it. Don't come back.

Maybe if she'd just kept that in mind when she read the original delinking, we'd all be blissfully unaware of her hypocritical ravings, and her tit-flashing for popularity in this spiteful little contest.